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                              Welcome to Our Website   Chinese English E-mail
                            About us
                            Dongguan Pengrun Die Casting Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pengrun Technology) was founded in June 2008. Previously known as Dongguan Pengrun Lubricant Co., Ltd., it was renamed as Dongguan Pengrun Chemical Products Co., Ltd. according to its variations in business development and business scope. The company firstly acted as the agency for imported lubricants, lubricant additives and metalworking fluid compounding agents.

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                            You are welcome to call us to contact us. We have branches in Shanghai, Ningbo...
                             Phone: +86-0769-22681280
                             Fax: +86-0769-22684328
                             E-mail: info@pengrun-oil.com

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                            About us
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                            R & D Center
                            Die casting release agent
                            Die casting plunger punch
                            Metal cutting fluid
                            Metal cleaner & antirust
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